Your 6 Step Plan for Living Free from Claustrophobia

Your 6 Step Plan for Living Free from Claustrophobia

What is claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed spaces, including small, confined spaces like bathrooms, closets, and elevator shafts. Claustrophobics feel trapped and unable to breathe easily in such spaces, and may panic and experience nausea. It’s estimated that between one-fourth and one-third of people have some form of claustrophobia.

What causes claustrophobia?

The causes of claustrophobia are complex and vary from person to person. Sometimes the cause is an underlying mental health condition such as anxiety or depression, or a traumatic experience. People who have claustrophobia are more likely to have been physically or sexually abused, to have had a serious injury, or to have witnessed someone being harmed. Trauma may be so severe that it changes the way people think and act, causing them to be afraid of everything.

A genetic factor may also contribute. A person with claustrophobia may have inherited a gene that makes them more sensitive to the effects of stress.

If you have a child with claustrophobia, you can help her cope by providing a safe, comfortable environment and encouraging her to try activities that she enjoys. You may also want to consider seeking professional help.

What are the effects of claustrophobia?

If you have claustrophobia, you may:

  • feel anxious or panicked before entering a closed space;
  • have trouble breathing;
  • feel like you can’t escape;
  • get sweaty or faint;
  • experience muscle tension, dizziness, or stomach upset;
  • get headaches or migraines;
  • feel irritable or angry;
  • feel trapped, like you can’t move or speak; and
  • want to leave a place.

Let us have a look at the following 7 easy steps to get rid of claustrophobia:

1. Practice yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation will help you to get rid of this fear. Both yoga and meditation will calm you down and you will start feeling relaxed.

2. Go to a professional

If you are not able to control this fear then you need to see a psychiatrist in Bhopal. A psychiatrist will prescribe you medicines to help you overcome this problem.

3. Try deep breathing exercise

If you want to get rid of this fear, then you must try deep breathing exercise. You must take a single breath in and out for a minute. When you will start breathing in and out slowly, you will feel calmer and relaxed.

4. Learn relaxation techniques

If you want to overcome this fear, then you must learn relaxation techniques. You can start by taking a single deep breath. While taking the breath in and out, you must focus on your breathing. This will calm you down and you will feel relaxed.

5. Do physical exercise

Physical exercise will be the best way to get rid of this fear. You will be able to breathe freely and you will get the confidence.

6. Avoid dark and confined spaces

People who suffer from claustrophobia will feel uncomfortable in a dark and confined space. You can overcome this fear by avoiding such places. You can practice deep breathing while you are in a dark and confined place.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post about “7 Easy Steps to Get Rid Of Claustrophobia”. If you are facing this fear, then you must follow the steps mentioned above. I am sure that you will overcome this fear within a few days.