The Top 5 Predictors of Relationship Quality

The Top 5 Predictors of Relationship Quality

Are you feeling good in a relationship or not? Do you feel that you are having a happy and long-lasting relationship? Do you think that your relationship is not as strong as you wanted? Is it a case of the relationship getting boring? If you have answered “yes” to any of the questions then it is high time that you must try to understand what is causing the trouble in your relationship.

Here are the top 5 predictors of a strong and healthy relationship.

1. Your communication skills

If you feel that you have a good and a clear communication with your partner then it is the best thing for your relationship. The couple who has a good and clear communication is better than the one who has a bad communication.

2. You share the same opinions

This is one of the most important factors that make your relationship stronger. If you have different opinions with your partner then it is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. You need to understand that you will not be able to solve your problems by holding your own point of view.

3. Your partner is supportive

If you want to live a strong and happy life then you need to have a supportive partner. This will not only make your life easier but also it will make your relationship more interesting and you will have a great time.

4. You both enjoy spending time together

If you both enjoy spending time with each other then you can call this as a strong and healthy relationship. When you enjoy spending time with your partner, it shows that you are really in love with him/her.

5. You are emotionally and physically fit

It is very important that you and your partner are emotionally and physically fit. As mental health counselor in Bhopal, we can confidently say that this will make you get the best of the relationship and will give you a strong and healthy relationship.


I hope that these 5 points will help you to understand what the problem in your relationship is. If you still feel that you are not getting the best of your relationship then you can use the above tips to bring a change in your relationship.