Suicidal Behaviour And The Reasons Behind It

Suicidal Behaviour And The Reasons Behind It

When you are going through any kind of trauma, you might feel like committing suicide. This is because you can’t live with the pain of life anymore. So, in order to stop the process of suicide, you need to learn some important facts and keep them in your mind.

We all know that suicide is a very serious issue, but still people commit suicide because of different reasons. The reasons are many, but some of them are listed below.

1. Feeling hopeless

If you are feeling like you are not good enough in life, then this is the reason why you may commit suicide. You are not happy with your life and you are not getting any kind of success. You are always facing failures and depression is the reason behind your unhappiness.

2. Loneliness

Another reason behind the suicidal behavior is loneliness. When you are going through tough times, you are surrounded by people but you don’t have anyone to talk to. People around you don’t support you and they don’t care about you. So, you feel like you are the only person who is suffering.

3. Financial problems

When you are not able to pay for the bills, you start getting into debt. If you are financially stressed, then this is one of the main reasons behind your suicide. You have to take some financial decisions, otherwise, you can’t get out of your financial situation.

4. Relationship problems

The breakup of your relationship is one of the major causes of suicidal behavior. You might be in a relationship with a person who is causing a lot of trouble to you and you can’t tolerate him/her anymore.

5. Grief

It is natural to feel sad when someone you love dies. You don’t need to feel depressed, instead, you need to share your feelings with your loved ones.

6. Stress

When you are under stress, you feel that nothing is going right in your life. This is the reason why you may commit suicide. You can’t handle the pressure and stress in your life.

7. Self-esteem

You are always thinking that you are not a good enough person and you will never succeed. If you are thinking like this, then this is the reason behind your suicidal behavior.

8. Lack of motivation

When you are getting low in self-esteem, you start losing interest in your life. If you are not able to do anything, then you will be thinking like this.

9. Mental illness

Mental illness is the major reason behind the suicidal behavior. If you are facing some mental issues, then you are going to commit suicide.


All these are the reasons behind the suicidal behavior. You don’t need to feel bad about yourself, instead, you need to work on yourself and change your negative thinking. If you are going through any of these situations, then consult Dr. Sanjeet Diwan for help.