Men and Depression

Depression Treatment in Bhopal

A man with depression most of the time gets misunderstood and the general people generally consider them to be weak and lazy. This is especially true in a country like India where men are viewed as a symbol of strength. What’s more, they are not even allowed to cry. In that context, as a psychiatrist, we would like to let you know that depression is not a weakness; it is a mental health disorder that needs medical care before it eats you up. Being depressed is not a sign of weakness by any means. It can happen to anyone at any stage of life.

People consider men with depression as lazy and weak mainly because of the myths associated with it. Some of the most common myths associated with depression are listed below:

  • Feeling sad or down is not manly
  • Men have strong willpower that can defeat anything
  • Men should be able to cope with everything on their own
  • Real men know how to control their emotions
  • Depression is not an illness, it is a choice

These myths, altogether, compel most of the men out there to hide the condition of their mental state until it becomes very serious. These myths put a man behind the bar, and restrict them from seeking depression treatment as well. Depression is one such mental illness that can cost you a life if left untreated for a prolonged period.

Depression Can Be Treated

Suppressing and hiding the wrath that depression has caused you make things worse. Like we say always, depression is a mental health disorder and it can be absolutely treated well. You just need to seek a psychiatrist’s help, follow medication and guidelines, and make some lifestyle changes to beat the condition of depression. You need to be bold enough to speak up about your condition and take medical help before the condition of depression hunts you down.

Some of the common symptoms of depression include decreased interest or pleasure, considerable weight gain or loss, inability to sleep well or remain awake, concentration issues, fatigue or loss of energy, and so on. If you have been experiencing such symptoms lately, consider seeking a professional’s help right away.