How To Spot Depression in Someone

Depression Treatment in Bhopal

Most of you must be familiar with the word “depression” and using it in your day-to-day life to express a bad mood, blues, or any bad period of your life. However, depression is more than that. It is a severe mental health illness with varied signs and symptoms, and needs medical care. Being a psychiatrist in Bhopal, we would like to inform you that there’s a huge difference between bad mood and depression. Bad mood fades away within a few days, but depression does not. It can last forever if left unaddressed and make a person unable to cope with his or her condition.

There are mainly three factors that cause depression – biological factor, psychological factor and social factor. It is critical to know what symptoms accompany this complex state of mental health in order to help someone who is suffering from it, and it is what we are mainly going to through light at in this post. So, without any further delay, let us get started:

1 – Isolation

Depression causes isolation. People undergoing depression part their ways from everything around them. They prefer to spend time alone or to be silent. They no longer take interest in the things that they used to. If you know someone with such behavior, convince them to seek depression treatment in Bhopal.

2 – Chronic fatigue

Depression makes a person feel tired most of the time without any obvious reasons. It causes fatigue, which is the initial sign that can help you identify depression in someone. This happens as the body of the depressed person starts spending spends a huge amount of energy on thought processes.

3 – Decreased or complete lack of motivation

Decreased or complete lack of motivation is common among people suffering from depression. They experience trouble in getting up from the bed in the morning. Their plans and goal no longer have any importance in their life. All sort of their desire remain no longer motivating factors.

4 – Changes in eating behavior

Taking a note of the eating behavior of the person you doubt to be depressed is another good way to make sure if he or she is in depression. There are two possibilities – a person with depression either experiences lack of appetite or an excess of it. Depression can also make a person yearn for specific food items, especially sweet, savory, or salty foods.

Final Words:

Now that we have disclosed the major signs and symptoms of depression in this post, you should be able to confidently identify depression in someone or yourself. If you note any of these signs and symptoms, do not panic. Simply see a psychiatrist and express your condition. Depression is treatable.