How to Recognize Bipolar Disorder in Children

How to Recognize Bipolar Disorder in Children

Bipolar disorder is one of the most common mental disorders among adults. However, most of the parents fail to recognize the signs of bipolar disorder in their children. Therefore, it is necessary to know the symptoms and warning signs of bipolar disorder in children.

Bipolar disorder is an extreme form of mania. In a normal state, you don’t feel any change in mood, but in the case of bipolar disorder, it will affect the person’s life in a drastic way. Some people with bipolar disorder don’t even recognize the symptoms and try to hide the condition.

Here are some of the signs of bipolar disorder in children:

Lack of Sleep

According to a study, most of the children who suffer from bipolar disorder get less sleep than their peers. They might have difficulty in falling asleep and waking up multiple times during the night. If your child is suffering from this condition, then take his/her temperature and check whether he/she is sweating or not.

Behavioral Changes

Children with bipolar disorder show unusual behavior changes. The most common symptom is irritability, which is seen in approximately 50% of children. In case of severe irritability, they can’t concentrate on any activity.

High Levels of Energy

Many parents confuse bipolar disorder with ADHD, because of the symptoms like hyperactivity and attention deficit. However, children with bipolar disorder will have high levels of energy throughout the day.

Unusual Behavior

Parents must have noticed the odd behaviors of their children in case of bipolar disorder. They might show different personalities and their behavior will be very difficult to understand.

Social Problems

Children with bipolar disorder will not be able to play or interact with the other children. Also, if your child is struggling in school and socializing with the friends, then it is an indication of bipolar disorder.

Trouble in School

Some children with bipolar disorder will have trouble in school because of their abnormal behavior.


You need to recognize the symptoms of bipolar disorder in children and if you are observing these symptoms in your child, then you must take him/her to a psychiatrist in Bhopal. If you need to know more about bipolar disorder, you may visit this link. You will easily find a detailed article about the symptoms and treatment options of bipolar disorder in children.