7 Simple Methods That Help You Get Rid Of Anxiety

7 Simple Methods That Help You Get Rid Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a complex human condition that has been plaguing the humankind from as long as we can remember. As soon as you realize that you are afflicted with anxiety, seek psychiatrist help. In case you don't have access to a psychiatrist in Bhopal, here are seven simple methods that will help you get rid of anxiety:

Exercise daily-

If you think that exercise will make you sweat profusely and feel weak, it's not true. Exercising helps the body to remain strong and healthy. Most importantly, exercising regularly boosts your serotonin levels as well as improves your sleep cycle.

Eat healthy food-

Anxiety leads to unhealthy eating habits which results in a sluggish digestive system. It is always better to have healthy food.

Go for a holiday-

A change of scenery is all you need to increase your energy levels, boost your confidence and feel relaxed. Take at least one trip every year with friends or family.

Be grateful-

Make it a point to write down five things that you are grateful for each day. If possible, express gratitude towards people close to you as well as the strangers who have done something good for you without expecting anything in return. You can also thank God for his kindness or may be keeping a gratitude journal. One way or the other, doing this will decrease your stress level and make you feel worthwhile.

Get adequate sleep-

Most of us suffer from anxiety due to lack of sleep. If you want to beat anxiety, make sure that you go to bed before 11 pm at night. Also, do not sleep during the day as it affects your sleep cycle which further hampers your bodily functions.

Go for a massage-

A good massage takes away all the tiredness and helps in feeling relaxed if performed properly. You may choose to visit a spa or can even ask someone close to you for help with this one.

Chew gum-

Those who suffer from anxiety often face problems like indigestion etc. Chewing gum is known to reduce stress levels and also improve your concentration power so give it a try if nothing else works out fine.

Avoiding anxiety triggers-

The very first step towards beating anxiety would be to avoid anything that makes your anxious. This includes avoiding social media sites which tend to fill people with negativity and increase stress levels further.


While psychiatrist help is the best option for getting rid of anxiety, you can try out these 7 simple methods to get started. Apart from psychiatrist, there are other options like hypnotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapy that may be followed by patients with anxiety disorder.